Modular Kitchen

Details About Modular Kitchen!

It is no exaggeration in saying that Kitchen is the heart of a house. Along with making it look attractive in design, we make sure your kitchen has innovative options to store foods, food ingredients, spices, cooking utensils, waste management and what not! A classy modular kitchen must-have associated extended areas for a comfortable dining experience. You can also get the ‘Smart Kitchen’ design from our experts.

We make use of quality branded fittings which are beautiful, strong and durable. You will fall in love with cooking, baking, roasting, freezing, cleaning and living in the kitchen space we decorate for you.


  • Written agreement and disclose price from the time of agreement, (no hidden charges) & Warranty Issue by app
  • Zero contact service. Applicator trained and certified on Safety & Hygiene & carry govt identity.
  • They use Health & Safety Kit (mask, gloves, cap and sanitisers)
  • Daily disinfection of tools & regularly touched surfaces
  • Daily temperature & symptoms check of them
  • On-site delivery of sanitised products


  • Trained applicator use time-saving processes
  • Mechanised tools use for faster progress
  • Browse, book & pay in a few clicks on Final Touch App
  • Regular Site supervision for on-time delivery
  • Faster response with Final Touch App


  • Furniture & floor covers to protect valuables
  • Dust-free painting*
  • Disinfection of regularly touched surfaces
  • Floor cleaning & disinfection kills germs, removes spots
  • Site clean-up at the time of site hand over

Controlling Quality and Price


Final Touch is closely and strongly associated with all leading national brands for the great cause of not compromising with quality.


Considering the cost of a high-quality product compared to cheap branded items, we work on decoration and beautification. Our customers get benefitted from special offers and discounts even on premium and super-premium quality products at intervals. Our purpose revolves around offering you the most economical home decoration package without compromising with the standard of your choice.

Designing and Consultancy

Final Touch is ready to provide you with the correct blueprint of your home designing solutions. In doing so, we always carry your preferences and recommendations. Timely and wise advice along with necessary consultation from our expert professionals in the process of beautification and creating user-friendliness is one of the strongest unique features of our interior decoration solutions for the very YOU.

Do You Have Any Project?

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